Game does not launch

If you're having trouble starting your game, please follow the steps below to try and solve your problem :

Add Pangya Reborn! to your antivirus exclusion list

Pangya is a game that's been around for a few years now, and since Pangya Reborn! is a private server, your antivirus software can potentially block your access to the game. To do this, add it to your antivirus exclusion list. Below you'll find a tutorial for several antivirus programs and the relevant information. Guide to add exceptions : ā€¢ Windows-Defender: ā€¢ Avira: ā€¢ Avast: ā€¢ Bitdefender: ā€¢ McAfee: Make an exception for : ā€¢ Pangya Reborn! (whole folder) ā€¢ Pangya Reborn!\pr-client\ijl15.dll ā€¢ Pangya Reborn!\pr-client\ProjectG.exe Once you have completed this step, we recommend that you restart your computer.

Start ProjectG.exe in compability mode

If the antivirus solution didn't work, Windows may not be starting the game correctly, so try the following solution. Guide to start in compability mode : ā€¢ Windows : Click here

None of the above solutions worked

You can join the discord and ask for help in the appropriate channel, we will do our best to find the solution and guide your access to the game.

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